Filing for an Annulment: The Potential Benefits

If you’re looking to separate from your partner, then getting a marriage annulment may just be the right choice for you. Different from a divorce, an annulment renders a legal union as legally invalid, effectively making it as if it never happened in the first place.

While getting an annulment may call for some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled as well as having to jump through many legal hoops, the benefits it provides would be well worth the effort!

The Pros of Getting an Annulment

The main benefit is, of course, the fact that it entirely invalidates the marriage. Compared to a divorce, where a legal union is dissolved, an annulment decrees that there was no union in the first place.

This gives you an entirely fresh start, which carries with it a plethora of psychological and emotional benefits. If your marriage was just something you want to put behind you and move on from, then an annulment gives you the perfect way to do just that!

Another one of the major pros of filing for an annulment is the fact that this process deals with the financial aspect of ending a marriage very differently than a divorce. Since you’re going back to the same status as you were before the marriage every occurred, the concept of property or asset division is entirely different. Most judges reinstate the financial status each party was privy to before they were married to each other.

Additionally, annulments can also serve to invalidate any prenuptial agreements, which are usually applicable to those couples who are getting a divorce.

If you would like to file for an annulment in Nevada, then we at Las Vegas Annulment Experts can help simplify the process for you. We offer a way to expedite the entire process, wherein we take care of all the technicalities, including drawing up the paperwork and getting it signed by a judge.

Whether you need to file for an annulment or are looking to get a divorce, the expert paralegals at Las Vegas Annulment Experts have got your back!

There are a number of qualifications that need to be met when filing for divorce in Nevada, and we can help you find out if you’re eligible through the use of our convenient questionnaire! Have any questions? Contact us, and we can get started on your annulment process right away.

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