The Dos and Don’ts of Separating from Your Partner

Physically separating from your partner helps you contemplate the nature of your relationship. While marital separation may be quite unnerving, the time and space acquired during this time can help each spouse decide whether or not they can, and should, work on saving their marriage.

Regardless of the reasons and length of separation, you need to take certain precautions—certain checklists of the “dos and don’ts” that help protect your finances and reputation.

If your separation time is going to go beyond a few months, consider a few things you “do” need to do:

· Get on track of your marital finances

If you haven’t been involved in your household finances in your marriage so far, it is about time you do. Get up to speed on your spouse’s spending and investing habits.

· Close all joint credit card accounts

You will be held accountable for your spending and debts during the separation. Any debts your spouse piles up in your joint financial accounts will come under your responsibility as well. The last thing you need on top of sorting out new living arrangements is financial chaos.

· Secure separate personal credit cards

If you don’t have a separate credit card in your name, acquire one as soon as you can. Financial well-being encompasses establishing a good credit foundation.

· Consult a reputable divorce attorney and draft out a binding legal separation agreement

Better safe than sorry! Get legal help in drawing out legal terms and conditions of your separation that you and your spouse will have to adhere to throughout the length of the separation.


It’s all well and good to learn about your finances and form a few legal ground rules, but remember – separation is a tricky time. Whether you are aiming to fix your marriage, or work out an amicable divorce, keep a few “don’ts” in mind:

· Don’t waste your monetary resources

While you may want to splurge a bit on pampering yourself to cope with the emotional stress, do not overspend. If your separation progresses on to divorce, you don’t want to be accused of misspending.

· Don’t publicize your personal matters on social media

Practice discretion. This time is rather challenging, and it is wise to keep your personal details off the social networking hub.

· Don’t get involved in a new relationship

Getting involved with someone else while you are still married will not only jeopardize your marriage, but will have a severe negative impact on any divorce proceedings.

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