Can You Tell If Your Marriage Won’t Last Long?

There is no such thing as a perfect happy marriage. You are wrong if you think you are alone. According to the National Opinion Research Center, about 60% people are unhappy in their marriages. Many choose to stay for the kids; others don’t even realize something is wrong in their married life until their spouse files for divorce.  In any case, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the eventuality of divorce.

Deep down inside, you will know your marriage is on the rocks and won’t last long. For people who refuse to consider this possibility, following are some signs that it is inevitable and imminent.

Your Finances Are At Rock-bottom

Being at a bad place financially can put a lot of strain on a relationship especially when you have a joint account with your spouse.

A number of studies point out that married couples with lower-incomes were more likely to fight about money or lack thereof. These couples are more likely to be hurt by stressful life and financial events compared to affluent couples.

Additionally, you’ll have a thorn to pick with a spouse who gambles with both your savings, then lies to cover it up.

You Dread Spending Time with Your Partner

Do you enjoy spending time with other people than your partner? This is a major red flag, signaling the gradual end of a relationship.

People in love try to spend as much time with each other as possible. When together, they talk about anything and everything that makes them a couple!

This is why it’s concerning when you or your spouse realize they don’t like spending time with the other anymore, coming up with excuses to spend less time than necessary.

You Don’t Feel the Same Excitement in Dressing Up

It’s normal to want to always look pretty or smart when together at the beginning of your relationship. Over time, comfort level of both individuals eventually comes to a point where you aren’t pressured to dress up or look good for your spouse every time.

However a drastic decline in personal appearance, i.e. not taking care of your personal grooming signals detachment or no longer caring enough to attempt to look good. This also signals you or your spouse is taking the other or the marriage for granted.

You Haven’t Been Intimate in a Long Time

Intimacy between couples is one sign of a healthy marriage. It’s also an essential requirement when it comes to emotional bonding. Obviously a failing relationship will show considerable decline in physical affection between couples, meaning a lack of emotional bonding,

Do you feel you or your partner are feigning tiredness at the end of every day yet have plenty of time to sit in front of the laptop or television? This is concerning… both are growing apart not only mentally but emotionally and physically as well.

Most of the above mentioned issues can be solved with a little marriage counseling and effort, if both parties want to work on the marriage. It’s better to get a divorce if you feel you are the only one picking up all the weight.

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