The Struggles of a Military Marriage

Marriage isn’t easy, and if you’re married to someone in the military that is on active deployment, it is even less so.

It’s hard enough establishing and maintaining a stable, communicative relationship when two people are in the same zip code—with military deployment, you can go months and years without seeing your spouse.

It comes with its own unique set of trials and tribulations, and sometimes, understandably so, it can be difficult to hold together a marriage like that.

Frequent Separation

Long distance usually tends to not end well. With a husband or a wife in the military, you’re going to be facing numerous instances of separation, and that too for prolonged amounts of time. This kind of distance can result in loneliness and insecurities, and a lack of positive communication. Over time, the strain of distance can wear a couple down.

Instability in Life

While life has its ups and downs, this kind of a lifestyle tends to result in frequent instability due to all that moving around or waiting around for your spouse to return. The financial situation for such couples may also tend to be on shaky ground; navigating these issues can become quite burdensome over a long period of time.

Limited Social Support

long term friendshipsMoving around often means having to start over from scratch every single time. The possibility of long term friendships and social support tends to be slim. The familiarity of loved ones in your immediate vicinity goes a long way in improving the quality of life, but by marrying in the military, you are often deprived of that.

Lack of Control

Being married to military personnel can make it difficult to maintain any form of control over your life.

You won’t know when the next deployment is and where it will be—so even if you are moving around with your spouse, there is still tremendous amounts of uncertainty involved. You essentially have to plan your life around the requirements of the military, which can take a huge emotional and mental toll.

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