Moving to Nevada: What to Consider

If you’re planning on getting an annulment in Nevada, requirements stipulate that either you must have been married in Nevada or one of the two parties must be a resident of the state for a minimum of up to six weeks.

If the former is not the case, then either you or your soon to be ex-spouse must make the decision to relocate to Nevada, prior to filing for an annulment.

Relocating to a different state is certainly not a breeze; it comes with its own set of trials and tribulations, as well as the hassle of figuring out all the logistics and technicalities. However, we can help guide you through the process!


First things first—accommodation. You’re going to need a place to live in order to solidify your residency in Nevada, and this can be done by renting, leasing, or owning a space. You can browse through listings in publications such as the Las Vegas Review Journal or the Reno-Gazette Journal, and expand the hunt to other online resources to find better options.

Cost of Living

Take stock of your financial standing and correlate it with the cost of living in a city in Nevada. Get all the details on how much living in Nevada is going to cost you—from the grocery store expenses to the average rent payments.

This will help you get an idea of whether your current financial situation is sufficient enough to support your stay.


How are you going to get around the city once you move? You’re going to need a certain amount of mobility, so checking out what the public transportation situation is like will allow you to evaluate your options and budget.

If you have your own car, then you’re going to have to get it registered and acquire a new driver’s license, along with taking care of a number of other important details. This can be a bit of a hassle and highly time-consuming, so you may just be better off deciding to opt for public transportation instead.

The Moving Process

The Moving ProcessKnowing what you’re going to be moving with you is the necessary first step to make. It will give you an idea of how much you are going to be lugging to another state, which will be significantly easier by cancelling out any unnecessary items. Choosing the right kind of movers is important too—a professional company that is ideally certified by the American Moving and Storage Association is your best bet!

We at Las Vegas Annulment Experts are licensed and certified paralegals that possess the required expertise to handle all your marriage annulment needs. We can get together all the annulment paperwork for you, and have it signed off by a court judge within a matter of one to two days!

If you’re looking for annulment and divorce experts in Nevada, you know who to call. Contact us at (877) 787-8270 and we can help determine whether you qualify for a Nevada annulment!

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