All You Need to Know About Annulments in Nevada

Marriage is a big decision, and like all decisions, sometimes they turn out not be for the best. Whether it’s a matter of incompatibility, or circumstances out of our control, sometimes the right thing to do in that situation is to get out of it.

While the more well-known method of the legal dissolution of a marriage is divorce, there is also the option of getting an annulment.

What is an Annulment?

An annulment is a legal procedure wherein, if obtained, a marriage is considered to be void. The spouses from then on will be considered to be single, and in effect the marriage will never have existed.

Getting a marriage annulment in Nevada calls for the parties in question to fulfill certain qualifying requirements, and then go on to carry out the legal process of acquiring one.

Qualifying for an Annulment

There are a number of requirements to be met in order for your marriage to qualify for a Nevada annulment. Understanding these qualifications gives individuals a better idea about whether annulment is the right direction for them or not.

One of the main qualification requirements calls for one of the two spouses involved to be a resident of Nevada, or to have resided up to six weeks in the state prior to filing for an annulment. In addition to this, the couple must meet at least one of the list of legal grounds for acquiring an annulment.

The Process

In order to get your marriage annulled in Nevada, you generally have to go about it in certain steps. The first one involves all the paperwork—getting the right kind of forms, filling them out, and then going on to file for an annulment.

Every form you submit comes with its very own filing fee, and these forms tend to differ according to your circumstances and needs. Then, the annulment papers are served up to the other party, after which follows the scheduling of a court hearing. This naturally involves hiring an attorney, which tends to cut into your finances significantly.

This process is time-consuming, incredibly costly, and emotionally taxing. So how can you minimize the time, money, and effort a legal separation like these calls for?

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