Impending Divorce: Are You Ignoring the Signs?

Sometimes, bad things are preceded with their very own signs and omens. Every marriage has its ups and downs, but there comes a time when the downs become the norm.

When this happens, not all hope is lost—there is still room for recovery. However, there are some signs in the relationship between a married couple that make it quite likely that somewhere down the line, divorce is in the cards.


If you find yourself often avoiding your spouse, preferring to spend more time with other people in their stead, then that’s certainly not a positive indicator. While it’s not necessary to be constantly attached to the hip, if a married couple is spending less and less time together, it’s a surefire way to tell that something is not quite right.

Fighting About the Little Things

If you frequently find you and your partner having huge, blow-out-proportion fights about the most insignificant things, it’s highly likely that it is a direct result of a deeper problem at hand. A marriage is about communication, and if two people are only communicating in shouting matches about dirty dishes, then they have a host of issues to resolve.

No Effort to Fix Things

This is when you really know that a partnership is coming to a close. If two people are experiencing a myriad of problems in their relationship, but neither is willing to work to fix it, then the situation is only going to deteriorate from there. Without the right amount of effort put in by either party, the marriage is on the fast track to divorce.

Consistent Unhappiness

unhappy in your relationshipWhile it’s true that happiness is something that comes and goes, you shouldn’t find yourself constantly unhappy in your relationship. Take a step back and reevaluate. Despite working on resolving issues and trying to improve the situation, if you still feel unhappy with the situation, then maybe it’s time to cut ties once and for all.

A Change in Values

People change over time, and the true strength of a relationship is tested when the other person changes in ways you don’t expect. It’s all about communicating, understanding, and adapting. However, a significantly major change in beliefs or values may present irreconcilable differences in the long run.

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